day #5 of camp nano

My total word count as of last night is 3454 with my goal at 17000. I know I’m doing pretty good and I should be proud of myself but it’s getting harder and harder to stop myself from feeling badly about what I’m writing. I haven’t even started writing for the day and it’s almost over. I’ve got maybe 4 hours left to write my count for the day but I just keep staring at where I left off, completely unsure of myself and my ability to tell a cohesive story. I always hear that reading helps but a lot of the time it just makes me feel worse. Because I don’t think I’ll ever be that good.

To sum it up, I’m feeling bad about myself and my writing. But I’m trying really hard not to. It helps to have someone writing with me who can help me get through slumps.


2 thoughts on “day #5 of camp nano

  1. I’m sorry you feel so bad about your abilities today. One thing I can say is that EVERY writer feels like that. Even the greats. You’ve got this, just push and do your best. Also, read because it’s fun, remember that those books have been edited to perfection, you shouldn’t expect your writing to be anything alike until an editor gets their hands on it. You can do it 🙂

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